The Name Game

Christmas candleHere is a fun game to play at Christmas, or any time. Everyone has a name, and each name has a meaning. Children are very interested to find out what their name means.

From online resources or libraries you can find information on what names mean. Find the meanings of the names of the children in your class, and type them in a column, combined with the names of people in a Bible story that you will study. The .pdf file shows a list of typical children's names with the names of those we meet in the Christmas story. Some names are good to talk about, as to why they seem to fit the person.

Click on the image to open the .pdf that is an example of a file you can create. The key to the game is on page 2.

This game is a good warm up to telling the story of Christ's birth. Significantly, Jesus means Savior.

This post ends the Sunday Fun series for now. Happy teaching!

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