The Lord's Prayer for Juniors

gloriousLearning The Lord's Prayer is a foundational activity of Sunday School and home education. Memorizing it is important, and understanding what it says is even more so.

Click on the image for a .pdf that you can print with meditations on the verses of the Lord's Prayer. Students can read aloud the meditations and then ask questions. The .pdf will help you to start a conversation about the Lord's Prayer.

With 14 pages, you will have an "opening exercise" for a Sunday School quarter, and within three months, all students should be able to recite the Lord's prayer and understand what they are praying. Some meditations may take two Sundays.

The .pdf includes several quiz exercises and aids to memorization.

SOMETHING for PRIMARY TEACHERS TOO: If it happens to be a new semester or quarter with new students entering your class, click here for a .pdf that you can print for students to fill out so you can get to know more about them.

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