Scrutinizing Scripture lesson for middlers

Reading the Bible aloud in Sunday school is important. However, the teacher may need to create materials to achieve the best results.

Sometimes the version of the classroom Bibles is not contemporary and some do not understand its words, or maybe it is fine print. For adults and older students, these things may not matter, but for some young people, they may.

In some classes there may be students whose native language is different from the majority. Of course, they do need to learn English, but preparing a handout for them with the Scripture lesson in their language in one column and English in another can encourage them to learn and to be able to participate in the class.

rainbowA teacher can know whether the classroom Bible will work for the class. Another option is to bring printed copies of the scripture lesson that can be created through copying and pasting from online resources, both in English and whatever languages are needed. Of course, it's always important to remember that some students do not want to read aloud.

Click on the image for a .Pdf file that has a contemporary Bible translation of Noah's flood in large print, divided into verses for read-aloud assignments. Some related passages are included, so that the students will learn that Jesus believed the story about the great flood, and learn why many today don't believe it.

The scientific concept of why many today don't believe the story is termed uniformitarianism. You can Bing or Google that word for more information.

A quiz is included to help students recall what they learned, and to encourage them to read with comprehension, which is hard for all of us!

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