Pick a Riddle

question markIn a youth group or perhaps on the first Sunday of the start of a new curriculum where new people join the class, there may be a need for an "ice-breaker" activity. Pick a Riddle, Tell a Riddle is a good exercise to warm up the class. “Warm up” activities can help students to focus and to concentrate.

Click on the picture to open the .Pdf sheets which are suitable for printing. On most sheets there are dashed lines separating the riddles/brain teasers. Cut the papers into strips and fold the strips into small squares. Put the squares in a basket and pass the basket, asking each student to draw out a square or two. Then, go around the class and have each student tell their riddle. If no one can guess the answer, the student tells it.

By getting each youth involved in sharing something funny or provoking, a relaxing or convivial atmosphere is created, which enables more important sharing to take place. Of course, the most important influence is to open the class with prayer.

I found the riddles on the .Pdf on various websites and in other resources and take no credit for any of them.

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