The ABCs of Biotech

The ABCs of Biotech for Christians

A series on treatments, research and more relating to biomed and biotech quests.

We are asking: How does God judge this practice or research area?

The Little Book of the Revelation

A scroll containing the second woe

...Rise, and measure the temple of God...

A series to help establish the true religion, as Sir Isaac Newton urged that studies in the Revelation ought to do.

Live Kidney Donation

Is it OK to donate a kidney?

How would you advise your friend or family member?

Are Protestant ethics your ethics?

Miriam dancing

Praise the Lord!

Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Mary, Mary Magdalene

My soul magnifies the Lord, And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior...

Protestant celebrations

A Call for Thanksgiving

Good reasons for holiday celebrations

Most Americans look forward to Thanksgiving, but perhaps most do not realize that it is a Protestant permission.

Attention Readers

Have you visited the Biotech Blog on this website? Find information and resources to help you think about biotech as a Christian.

Should you sign your driver’s license to be an organ donor? Is cremation OK with God? What is transhumanism? Are transgenic lox kosher? Please leave a comment.

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